What to Expect


We believe the church of Jesus Christ should be a worshipping church.  You will see people raise their hands.  You will hear them say “Amen”.  Expect to have an interactive experience with the creator God.  Come expecting to be touched by the moving of the Spirit of God.


It’s a part of our name.  It’s who we are.  We believe in families.  Our worship services are meant to be inclusive of our youngsters.  We simply don’t believe that church is something adults do while children go and do something else.  Entering our congregation, you should expect to see little ones.  Feel free to bring your children.  We want to keep the “Family” in Hope Family Fellowship.


You should expect to be greeted warmly and welcomed into our meeting.  Not because we feel we should do that, but because we are genuinely excited that you are there.  If you around us long, you will realize that we like to “hang out”, play board games and have cookouts.  In other words, we like being together.


We are not a dress up crowd.  Feel free to wear a tie (but you might be the only one), but feel free not to as well.  The atmosphere is casual.   You don’t have to impress anybody.  Let’s come together and worship!